Material: PU Coated Neoprene – with insulating fleece on the inside.
Sole: IntelliSeal.

Arctic X

Material: Nylon laminated Neoprene – with insulating fleece on the inside.
Sole: IntelliSeal and nylon band at the front.


Material: PU Coated Neoprene – With Nylon laminated on the inside.
Shaft material: PU Coated Neoprene – Both sides.
Sole: IntelliSeal.

RaceThermo X

Material: Nylon laminated Neoprene – Both sides.
Shaft material: PU Coated Neoprene – Both sides.
Sole: IntelliSeal and nylon band at the front.


Material: PU Coated Lycra.
Sole: Kevlar reinforced, tight fit.

RaceAqua X

Material: PU Coated Lycra.
Sole: Open sole design, Kevlar reinforced.

With the FW17 range, GripGrab offers three different shoe covers in both a road and an off-road version.


2020 Arctic 2018 Arctic X
2021 RaceThermo 2019 RaceThermo X
2003 RaceAqua 2014 RaceAqua X

How do these versions differ from one another?

Sole: The off-road versions have a different sole than the road versions. It is in the case of the RaceAqua more open and doesn’t cover the sole of the shoe. This allows the cyclist to walk in these shoe covers, should the terrain or other factors require to do so. The RaceThermo X and Arctic X have an almost identical sole to their road counterparts. However, they additionally feature a strong nylon band at the front, which keeps the shoe covers firmly attached to the shoe in order to prevent the cover from slipping when getting off the bike and walking or running up steep hills or clearing cyclocross-typical obstacles.

Material: The RaceAqua and RaceAqua X use identical materials, except for the sole, which is made from a more durable Kevlar material on the RaceAqua X. The RaceThermo X uses a nylon coated neoprene bottom part for added durability, whilst the RaceThermo uses a PU-coated bottom part. The same goes for the Arctic X and Arctic.

Use: The road versions are specifically designed for road cycling shoes and are not recommended to be used with any other shoes. Their tight fit is made for the smooth soles of road shoes, compared to the rough edges of the studs on MTB shoes.

This is where the off-road versions come into play. They are specifically designed for MTB shoes and their use. Cyclocross riders, in particular, will know that sooner or later, you will have to get off your bike, and ruining your shoe covers as well as having them slide over the top of the toes is simply irritating. The aim of our off-road shoe covers is to keep them in place and keep the damage from walking or running to a minimum. The off-road shoe covers are primarily intended to be used in training, where more protection from the elements is usually needed than in high-intensity racing. Should a cyclist do both road and off-road riding and doesn’t want to spend twice the money, we recommend to either buy the off-road versions and use them for the road, or to buy the RaceThermo X for MTB and Arctic for the road.


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